Don’t miss our presentation of Hello! My Baby on February 20-22 at 7:00pm in the HRHS Auditorium.

According to MTI, Hello! My Baby is a perfect choice for high schools or theatre academies (which is why we’re doing it). There are tons of featured roles, classic songs and rousing dance numbers creating an infectious toe-tapping, hum-along musical.

All orders for program items and t-shirts are due in by Feb. 1, 2018!

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Cast T-Shirts show off your support of the production to everyone you see! Everyone loves these, from grandparents to younger siblings, to strangers on the street! The more you buy, the more you love HRHS Theatre! Get yours today (well, in a couple weeks) »

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Sure, we played up the Senior Ads, but Break-A-Legs aren’t exactly chopped liver. This is your opportunity to finally tell your kid (or grandkid, or neighbor, or … whatever … we won’t judge) how much you love them. Show your love today »