10/24/17 Theatre Boosters Meeting Minutes

NCTC update

  • Went well, more of a “County sharing day”; “superior” ratings for both shows; amazing feedback from well-respected judges.
  • Lessons learned from last week’s show: continue to allow Theatre students to help with concession; may only need one back stage parent for one act shows

Treasurer report

  • Should we get a Debit card? Agreed to get a debit card with only the treasurer allowed to use it with prior approval of VP and Pres.
  • Should we increase the limit to require a 2nd signature? Agreed to increase the limit to $500 for dual signatures.
  • Booster fee deadline 10/24 – Required to participate in the musical


  • Do we want to do the class shows? $25/DVD (10 minimum)
  • Discussed purchasing equipment for future shows (camera) (Wish list #1)
  • Steve possibly videoing smaller shows

Equipment needs

  • Trailer- look into pricing– max $2500 (covered not a flatbed)(wish list #3)
  • Discussed lighting wishes (wish list #2)

Drama club t-shirt deadline 10/24

  • Going to extend til Friday

November show(One Acts- 8 shows: 10-15 min. long) 11/17(Friday)

  • Ticket sales/small concession. 4 booster volunteers: 3 front house, 1 back

Scholarship- Committee

  • Renee and Stacy will contact guidance and set up

New Business


  • Offer free ads to dry cleaner if they clean our costumes
  • Senior “dress day” seniors go shopping for new costumes to pass on

Next Meeting 11/30

  • Meeting 4th Thursday instead of Tuesdays